Steady cash flow is lifeline of all the business. A proper and streamlined Account Receivable Management is very important for a healthcare organization as it directly affects the cash flows. To set up structured process for the same is essential for a healthy cash flow. At U-Care we provide fully set up Account Receivable Process to help you develop faster process and to recover the funds owed to clients without any error and with proper evaluation of denied claims.

Our Accounts Receivable Management services include:

Insurance Follow up

One of the main reasons insurance claims get denied and healthcare providers & medical billing companies losing money is due to lack of follow-up with the insurance companies. We at U-Care make sure that every claim your client has filed for are properly followed and analyzed. Our trained team makes sure to keep in constant touch with the Insurance Company for real-time update of your clients claim.

Old Accounts Receivable Management Clean-up Projects:

Not only we make sure that your existing claims get settled, we also help to you clear your old and unresolved accounts receivables by providing you proper support and help you reducing your bad debt.

Medical Coding Services

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