Considered as one of the most important process, Charge entry is the process where claims are actually created. It is one of the most important process in the Revenue Management Cycle of Healthcare Providers & Physicians. In this Process, accounts for Patient’s are assigned with the appropriate value as per the coding and with appropriate fees. The charges entered determine the reimbursements for physician’s service. Any error during this process results into denial of the insurance claim.

UrCare provides one of the efficient Charge Entry Services to Healthcare Providers & Physicians in United States. Our billing team has the required knowledge and experience to understand US healthcare industry and skills to file the claims.

Medical Coding Services

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The process for filing charge is as:

  •  Step 1: Client submits scanned formats of EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits)
  •  Step 2: Once the documents are received by our team, the documents are reviewed and then allocated to the Payments team
  •  Step 3: The Payment Team on receiving the documents captures data like patient name, patient account number, amount allowed, Amount billed, amount adjusted and amount paid. If the claim is denied, the reason of denial is also shared by the Payments Team
  •  Step 4: In case there are partial payments, the necessary investigation and analysis are done and the corrective steps are taken
  •  Step 5: If the Claim is denied our billing team conducts an investigation into each case and takes appropriate steps for the required action.

Urcare provides you high quality of Medical Billing Services with the required competent team reducing your headache and ensuring easy flow of process.