EDI set-up

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a structured way to transmit medical records/data between computer systems, governed by standards that are extremely important for medical claims. We at Urcare will do a complete EDI set-up for all the new practices or practices which are moving from paper based claims to electronic forms. EDI Files are preferably accepted by clearinghouses, so process of EDI Setup includes setting up the user and database on the Clearing House website, also testing with some sample batches to make sure that Claims (837) and Payments, remittance advice (835) are processed correctly. Finally, we have to integrate the EDI with the Billing System for smooth transmission of claim batches.

Electronic Claims submission:

Organizing and sending medical records between parties in the healthcare industries has always been a complicated process, particularly in the management of sensitive information including both patient medical records and insurance details. Thus submission of claims through EDI has become a very important step in medical billing process has its implementation has proven to be both time saving and economical

Urcare Expert Team Verify the electronically transmitted data to determine if the claims meet the basic requirements of the HIPAA standard. If any errors are found at this level, than the entire batch of claims would be analyzed and fix the error in conjunction with the Clearing House support teams.

Using EDI to exchange information has many advantages. Take a look at the points below to see how EDI benefit your practice or facility.

  •  Sending and Receiving of information become faster
  •  Identifying submission errors immediately and thus avoiding processing delays.
  •  Exchange Information with multiple players at multiple locations.
  •  Increase your cash flow due to the expediency & accuracy of information exchanged.
  •  Cut administrative costs
  •  Go Green and Reduce mail time, postal cost and papers