The ICD-10 medical coding implementation has created some headache for physicians, payers, software vendors and other providers of healthcare services which are required to submit medical claims. The complexity of the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 can be understood by the fact that ICD-9 contained about 14,000 codes while ICD-10 has approximately 144,000 codes and more codes will be added for 2017. One of the simplest methods to overcome this challenge is to outsource your medical billing and collections as well as coding needs to healthcare provider company like Urcare. Our dedicated team quickly becomes familiar with the client’s coding processes and services. They work closely with each client to ensure high quality coding performances and regulations

We have upgraded all our systems to be ICD 10 compliant HIPAA 5010 ANSI X12 format. Our coding systems have been updated to accommodate the need for code set maintenance. We meet all the structural requirements with expanded data fields and the support needed for the increased number of codes.

We have a support database for both ICD 9 and ICD 10.

What we do to make your future secure:

  •  We coordinate with our clients and set up testing schedules
  •  Monitor claim submittals regularly.
  •  We Use translation and mapping tools to compare ICD 9 and ICD 10 to verify the accuracy.
  •  Run thorough pre and post implementation audits.
  •  Make sure that coded documents mirror the actual clinical documentation
  •  Run cost analysis to check the financial impact of ICD 10 on your practice.
  •  Ensure the coding process meets the changed parameters
  •  Offer a 24*7 helpline.