The US government mandate which demands maintenance of physical medical records for a minimum of 7 years has forced hospitals and healthcare clinics to store vast amounts of patient-related information. Thus, such a huge amount of paper documents require a significant storage space amount and there is always fear of lost or misplacing them over time. Also, not all paper documents are stored in same locations within a hospital, thus it become cumbersome to retrieve and use when needed.

Here Indexing medical record plays a vital role within any healthcare facility and it also needs to be managed diligently with great attention to accuracy and detail. At Urcare, we always provide high-quality professional indexing services to help you manage patient records and related documents in a systematic and well-organized environment.

As we keep end-to-end patient information, and corresponding medical records available at the click of a button for you. You can stay focused on offering the best care to your patients, while we take on the responsibility of indexing your records.

Our medical records indexing process is effectively managed through the following steps:

  •  Scanning: Here Documents are scanned for indexing by the client’s office staff.
  •  Access Medical Records: Urcare access to client’s proprietary or third party DMS/EHR/PMS software to Index the documents.
  •  Indexing: All the medical records are then indexed to respective folders or subfolders in the DMS/HER/PMS.
  •  Quality Checking: Indexed records are then checked for accuracy by our quality audit team.
  •  Constant Communication: We always keep in touch with organization by sending reports & clarification logs periodically.