Credentialing is a process where we evaluate the qualifications and practice history of a doctor. This process includes a review of a doctor's completed education, training, residency, licenses and clients feedback. It also includes any certifications issued by a board in the doctor's area of specialty.

As a national medical billing company our team is well versed on the regulations and mandates for physician credentialing services in multiple states.

Why opt for physician credentialing services

The Physicians credentialing process is a complex process which may differ from carrier to carrier or state to state. It’s also a long processing time taking process. Thus we assigned a dedicated manager for you. Who will make all the phone calls, follow-ups, and submit all the applications, e-mails and faxes for you. We will maintain all of your documents on our secured database.

As we know how important credentialing is to your practice. So we ensure that your credentialing application gets the attention it deserves with our dedicated team of physician credentialing specialists.

The following process is followed as part of e-care’s physician credentialing services:

We take care of everything for you. You simply need to fill out one application – and then leave the work to us!

 Our staff of professionals handles every detail for you.

 We contact you weekly to update you on progress until the every process is over.

 We provide you with written reports with our updates.

 We track all applications submitted and maintain accurate records.

 We guarantee complete security, confidentiality and accuracy.