Revenue Cycle Management Solutions:

One way to reduce the work-load at your work is to opt for Revenue Cycle Management Solutions. Opting for Revenue Cycle Management Services helps you reduce manual & paper work which puts lot of burden on your staff and also increases your cost, as it leads to spend on more hiring cost. Shifting to Revenue Cycle Management Solutions, helps to streamline your installment cycles, creating tickets & other vital information. The automation of process guarantees that the information of patient is available as when needed.

We at Ur-care strive to service our clients with the best Revenue Cycle Management Solutions. We want you to give your patients the best treatments/services, while we take care of collections. With our ISO Certified Processes, we ensure security compliance and process efficiency to our Clients. With regular monthly automated reports with complete analysis by our experts we help you take the right decision at the right time.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Solutions cover the following:

 Patient Registration/Demographics entry

 Insurance Eligibility Verification

 Medical Coding

 Charge Entry Services

 Electronic claims submission / EDI set-up

 Payment Posting

 Accounts Receivable Management

 Denial Management

Wondering why choose Urcare:

 You concentrate on your core services while we manage all your collections, so your patients are happy. Also reducing your operational costs to 40%.

 With our ISO Certified Process, we guarantee security and compliance metrics.

 Highly-trained workforce to handle all the collections, with unbiased monitoring and measurement of compliance and information protection.

 24x7 Services giving your staff and patients all the support they need, when they need and where they need.

 Have a specific need and want us to customize it for you? Whether you are Big Healthcare Enterprise or a Small Clinic, we have solutions that will help you

 Monthly Custom Reports with expert analysis to help you take the right decision at the right time.

Know how Revenue Cycle Management Works:

A streamlined process is the backbone of any successful Healthcare Revenue Cycle Companies & Physicians. Revenue Cycle is not just ensuring that the claim is done. It is initiated the moment patient makes a call for appointment and ends when the patients cases is properly cured/ended.

The basic steps include:


 Point of service registration counseling collections

 Encounter Utilization Review & Case Management

 Charge Capture and Coding

 Claim Submissions

 Third party Follow-up

 Remittance processing & rejections

 Payment posting, appeals and collections.