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At least one third of the issues within a contract can be improved if you clarify these issues from the onset. Our thorough analysis of the contract ranges from procedure carve-outs to termination clauses to risk assessment. We ensure terminology is present that protects you; e.g., clauses allowing you to drop a disruptive or non- compliant patient.

Cash Flow:

The main feature of this program is faster submission of medical claims to insurance companies. The practice or billing office would scan the bills to our office at the end of the day in the US. Urcare can also access the EHR which provides the information required to process the claim. The 12-hour time difference between India and USA would ensure that before the US office opens the next day, the team at Urcare would enter and transmit the claims to the Insurance payers. This would give a one day lead-time in processing of claims which translates into a gain of at least one day in payment receipt.

Program Highlights

  •  Very Low cost risk-free medical billing
  •  Early detection of aging claims followed with timely follow-ups
  •  Shorter revenue cycle
  •  Assured increase in cash and insurance reimbursements
  •  Tailored to meet client's specific needs